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Moving right along with our STROBE series! 4 out of these 6 eyeshadows are in their ‘FREAK SHOW’ palette. This wasn’t on purpose, it just kinda ended up that way. But since I haven’t talked about the palettes yet, I’ll do that now. They have two palettes, both inspired by AHS. All of the shadows in the palettes are sold separately as well. Each palette has 5 eyeshadows and is mirrored. The pans are slightly smaller than the individual ones, 2g vs 2.5g. The palettes are $25 which is very reasonable considering their single shadows are $6.50 a piece. Neither palette is in stock right now but they are available for pre-order. On to the colors!

SMOKE SIGNALS is a shimmery, smoky blue.

CONJOINED and STRONGMAN are somewhat similar. They’re both bronzey taupe shades. CONJOINED is lighter and more gold with a frosty finish. STRONGMAN is more rosey. It looks almost mauve depending on the light (you can really see it in this swatch)

THE COUNTESS is white and pink duochrome. It similar to many popular highlighters that are on the market right now.

MONSTERS AMONG US is a deep green, teal and brown duochrome. The texture on this one is exceptional nice. Very creamy and applies like a dream.

TWISTY is a deep red violet with a metallic finish.

I really like this group too! My favorites are STRONGMAN, MONSTERS AMONG US and TWISTY. Only 6 eyeshadows left and then I’ll swatch the glitters aka the bane of my existence. I REALLY hate swatching glitters. If there’s a way to do it without making a huge mess, I haven’t discovered it yet. 

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