I got this palette when it first came out in April but wanted to do some updated swatches since JUVIA’S PLACE is becoming so popular! The inspiration for the palette was Nefertiti, who was an Egyptian queen and is considered an icon of beauty. I can definitely see the theme in the color scheme they choose, lots of warm shades and rich jewel tones. The palette has 12 eyeshadows, 4 mattes and 8 metallics. The pans are huge! (.12oz each, a standard eyeshadow is .05 oz) It’s a cruelty free and is formulated without parabens. The packaging is your standard cardboard. Very sleek and compact and convenient for storage and travel. On to the good stuff! The formula!
All the shadows have a dense, creamy texture. The metallics look and feel like foiled shadows. And what’s really impressive is how creamy the mattes are. I feel like any brand can make a decent shimmer eyeshadow, the real test lies in the mattes. At least for me!  This palette reminds me a lot of the eyeshadows that I have from MAKEUP ADDICTION COSMETICS. The metallic formula is comparable to the MUG foiled line or ABH titanium finish shadows.

ROW 1: MOROCCO is medium dark orange with red undertones. Before I say anything else, I need to beg all the cosmetic companies to stop naming their matte orange shadows ‘Morocco’. I now have 3 different Moroccos from 3 different brands! But the name ties in perfectly with the theme of the palette so I’ll stfu about it now! Anyway! It’s very rich and creamy and not too bright but also not too muted. I can see this color flattering every eye color and skin tone. MADAGASCAR is warm medium brown with slight yellow undertones. It has the same dense, buttery texture as Morocco. SHEBA is a metallic bronze with olive undertones. YAA is beautiful copper. It’s a perfect mix of red and orange. Some coppers are way too orange for my liking. This one is just right!

ROW 2: JEZEBEL should win some kind of eyeshadow award. It’s a deep burgundy matte that isn’t patchy or chalky and doesn’t oxidize on me. I love burgundy mattes but I hate swatching them. Many times even though they apply nicely on the eye, they swatch like shit. If they aren’t patchy then they oxidize and end up looking purple. This one swatched like it was a cream shadow. I’d buy this palette for this color alone. ZURI is light, bright silvery gold. It would be beautiful as a highlight for the eye or face. CLEOPATRA is medium dark, vibrant blue with a foiled finish. I have a blue eyeshadow phobia but this one is kinda giving me the warm and fuzzies. NEFERTITI is an ultra metallic golden copper. And another color that looks great on everyone.

ROW 3: NAIROBI is bright true gold. Some golds that are near this color can tend to look brassy (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but this one is pure gold, no greenish tinge. LEYLA is a deep rich purple. Often purples that are this deep can tend to look either black or brown. This one stays looking purple! I think it would be beautiful along the upper and lower lash lines. KENYA is a deep matte brown with subtle plum undertones. EGYPT is a bright grassy green with slight yellow undertones.

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