Chikuhodo Sakura 2016 brush set! LIVE NOW! Link here for early access! 

Whohoooooo!!! The Chikuhodo Sakura 2016 collection IS LIVE!!& 11am PST/ 2pm EST at @beautylish! (LINK FOR EARLY ACCESS! And THEY WILL SELL OUT!!!! ). I had the pleasure to see these amongst the first peeps in NYC last week and they are gorgeous. The brushes are completely handmade in Japan – with the most gorg detailed flowers painted on the handles. The 6 brushes retail for $245 as a set but in the world of Japanese brushes – this is a fair price considering the craft involved – as other 6 piece sets from Chikuhodo go for $350 and up…(not to mention you can split payments) Also the face brushes are Saikoho – the best grade of the goat hairs. The blending brush is Sokoho allowing for a more controlled stiffer application, the brow brush is water badger and the lip brush is synthetic. They come with a brush roll and free fast as hell shipping – as @beautylish is known for… And DUH THEY ARE CRUELTY FREE! 🖌🖌🖌LINK for early access! 🖌🖌🖌#beautylish #chikuhodo #brushporn #brushes #makeupbrushes #themakeupexchange #limitededition #le #crueltyfree 

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