I had 3 potential dupes in mind for HORIZON ($21), one the new UD MOONDUST SHADOWS. And it turns out that even though they’ve got some similarities, all four are slightly different. But they’re all pretty so I’m posting them anyway. 

All 4 are plummy bronze colors with lots of glitter. 

INGLOT 116 PIGMENT ($19) has more red

 GODDESS ($5, SAVE 20% WITH THE CODE: TANNER20) from @fairbeautycosmetics is more cool toned. 

MAKEUP GEEK SATELLITE SPARKLER  ($10) is warmer and more coppery. 

So yeah… they’re different enough to justify having all four. At least for me! And I really like HORIZON. It’s just not what I was expecting since the website describes it as rose gold. 

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