Makeup geek’s first ever highlighter palette is available for purchase here! The palette is $39 and it is limited edition so don’t sleep on this one! It’s a slim cardboard palette with a magnetic closure and a sleeve. There isn’t a mirror which isn’t a big deal for me as I’d never use it but that may be a negative for some. Personally I’d rather forgo the mirror and pay a little less. The palette has three different highlighter pans and each one is 7g or .25oz, for a total weight of 21g or .75oz.

 For reference:

MAKEUP GEEK: $39 for 21g ($1.86 per gram)

 JEFFREE STAR SKIN FROSTS :$29 for 15g ($1.93 per gram)

 BECCA SHIMMERING SKIN PERFECTORS: $38 for 8g ($4.75 per gram)

ABH GLOW KITS: $40 for 29.6g ($1.35 per gram)

So while $39 certainly isn’t unreasonable for the amount of product that you’re getting, I do think it’s a little high as MUG is known for having great prices.

The palette has a light, medium and dark color. 

NIGHTLIGHT is a lightest. It’s a light peachy gold, similar to BECCA CHAMPAGNE POP.

STARLIGHT is the medium color, a cool toned pearly pink. It’s comparable to STARBURST from the ABH ‘THAT GLOW’ GLOW KIT.

SUNLIGHT is the darkest shade. It’s a coppery bronze. I’d compare to BECCA TOPAZ.

I absolutely love this palette. The formula is one of the best I’ve ever used. The palette is vegan, paraben free and talc free. The formula is finely milled without being powdery and highly reflective. These are not subtle highlighters. These are ‘blind unsuspecting passers-by’ highlighters. This is not to say that they aren’t wearable. With a light hand and a fluffy brush, you can get a more subtle application. Or you can be like me and go ham and if you happen to cause a traffic accident on a sunny day, so be it. 

I used this all weekend on myself and about 10 clients. I do want to use it a little more and give you a more thorough review in another week or two but I have some initial thoughts to share with you now. One thing I really like about these highlighters is that even though they are high shine, they didn’t seem to overly emphasize pores or skin texture the way some dramatic highlighters have a tendency to do. They’re also really easy to blend. I OD’d the first few times I used this palette and I was easily able to tone it down by gently patting the skin with a beauty blender. 

One comment I’ve been hearing a lot is that people don’t like the color range of light, medium and dark. I’m a mua so of course, I love it. And I also have a medium skin tone (NC35), so I feel like I can make all three colors work for myself. I don’t think this palette would be good for lightest and darkest skin tones but I found that it suits light to medium dark (let’s say NW25-NC44) skin tones. On Saturday I used it on a fair bride (NW20) and her medium deep (NC55) maid of honor and it looked beautiful on both girls. But I will say that I think people with skin tones outside of that middle range might find it difficult to utilize all 3 shades as highlighters. But these colors can also be used as blush toppers or on the eyes. I think Kathleen and MUG did a great job with this palette, both on the formula and the color selection. 

I thought that I would love NIGHTLIGHT best because I tend to gravitate towards those light peachy golds but actually STARLIGHT is my initial favorite. It looks more pearly than pink on my skin but since the base is a slightly deeper color, it doesn’t make me look washed out. SUNLIGHT is a little warmer than what I usually use but I didn’t find it to be too dark when I used bronzer and blush first. 
Overall I’m really happy with this palette and I know it’s going to become an everyday staple. I’m actually considering buying a second one for work since it is LE. What do you guys think of this palette? Will you be getting one before it sells out?

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