This palette was released this June for $45 and may or may not become available again. The design of the palette is exactly the same as the last two. It’s a slim cardboard palette with a large mirror and 20 shadows. The total weight is 1.26oz, making each shadow .063oz. So each shadow has slightly more product than a standard eyeshadow pan. Which is nice because most palettes have smaller pans, usually .02- .03oz.
There’s an even split of matte and shimmer shadows. It has all the basic must have colors… a matte highlight, a shimmer highlight, a black and a ton of different transition and crease colors that will work on almost every skin tone. Making it an ideal palette for travel. You could absolutely do tons of looks using just this palette. In addition to all the warm neutral mattes, it also has a lot of fun shimmery shadows. There’s few duochromes, glitters, foiled finish metallics and some great pops of color. 

The stand outs for me as far as being unique are 1988, SMASHLEE and YOSHI. I also really like ALABAMA, PRISS POT, LAURA LEE and TICKLED PINK. 

This is the same swatches but taken without flash. 

ROW 1: SUGAH is a shimmery off white and the rest of the row is matte. BASIC is white. PRISS POT is a light peach. MAMA BIRD and RAGA MUFFIN are the same orange color with RAGA MUFFIN being a few shades darker

ROW 2: this row is all shimmer. LAURA LEE is yellowish beige duochrome with pink shift. Very similar to MAC MOTIF. TICKLED PINK is a light peachy champagne with a foiled finish, similar to MUG IN THE SPOTLIGHT. HISSY FIT and BITTY also have foiled finishes. The former is a brassy gold and the later is reddish copper similar to MUG FLAMETHROWER. 1988 is probably my favorite shade in the palette. It has deep coral base with lots of gold shimmer. I think there’s a similar shade in one the recent UD VICE PALETTES.

ROW 3: BRITCHES and FRIED are matte. BRITCHES is a light warm brown and FRIED is a medium brown with mustard undertones (think MAC UNINTERRUPTED). YOSHI is a red brown and green duochrome. It’s actually a pretty unique color tho. The closest thing that I have to a dupe is MUG RITZY. The other two are metallic. FLEEKY a bright yellow gold and RAMMER JAMMER a deep cranberry.

ROW 4: all matte except for SMASHLEE which is deep blue green metallic. ALABAMA is very red brown. WHISKERS is a deep warm brown. BUBS is a blackish brown and LOU is black.

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