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Next 6 STROBE eyeshadows! I find the formula of all of their shadows to be consistent throughout the entire line. They’re all very dense, the type of formula I’d associate with a ‘foiled’ shadow. However they’re not so heavy that you can’t apply them with brush. These are some of their more vibrant jewel tones. 

Bubblebeam is bright aqua. It’s more blue in comparison to MELODY and AZURA  (also from STROBE) those two are more green in comparison.

Alchemy is a deep emerald green. It’s one of my favorite shades out of the whole bunch. And I don’t even like green eyeshadow so that’s really saying something.

Cheeky is a yellowish orange, also metallic. It’s similar to CEASEFIRE (more copper) and LUSTROUS LILY (lighter, more peach)

Dream Weaver is deep amethyst. The finish is metallic but it does have some shimmer to it. More so than the others.

World Eater is a bold ruby red. It’s a little intimidating but I think it would be gorgeous for the holidays. 

Gleaming Gardenia is a bright white with a pearl finish 

Swatches are done with a flat eyeshadow brush on bare but moisturized skin. These shadows adhere easily to bare skin but since they’re dense a primer will help prevent creasing on the eyes. 

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