ALLURE BEAUTY BOX is $15 a month but if you sign up here you’ll save $5 off your first month!

Well folks, they can’t all be winners. Here’s what I got this month…

PURLISSE BLUE LOTUS BALANCING MOISTURIZER ($16.50)– Sigh. Enough friggin PURLISSE already! I’ve got at least 3 PURLISSE eye creams languishing in my hall closet. All from subscription boxes. And I’m sure I’ve gotten this moisturizer before too. It’s not that PURLISSE isn’t a good brand. Their stuff is decent and I’ll use this eventually. I’m just tired of getting the same thing from every box.

SUPERGOOP DEFENSE REFRESH SETTING MIST SPF 50 ($6)– another repeat. I got the full sized version of this from POPSUGAR last year some time. This is decent stuff too. You just have to be sure to shake it well before spraying it on your face. It’s nice for when you’re wearing makeup and will be in the sun. But I can’t use it on bridal clients because the SPF causes flashback in photography 

FREEZE 24-7 ANTI AGING EYE SERUM ($53)– repeat number 3! I got this from BOXYCHARM not too long ago and I’m not crazy about it. It’s supposed to smooth out your undereye area but I didn’t notice any results. Also I find it to be obscenely overpriced. The regular sized bottle is $115 for a half ounce. For that price I expect… maybe not miracles but at least visible results.

E.L.F. SMALL STIPPLE BRUSH ($3)– seriously? ELF? Now again, don’t get me wrong ELF brushes aren’t bad. For the price they’re awesome. But I’ve got literally hundreds of brushes and I’m never going to use this. This is a brand geared towards younger women and girls and isn’t a brand that I’d expect to see in my ALLURE box.

CARGO EYE PENCIL IN PEBBLE BEACH ($12.60)– I can’t really get mad at this one. It’s a dark brown eyeliner and it applies smoothly without tugging at the skin. I’ve got a million dark brown eyeliners so I’m not turning cartwheels but I’ll use it.

WET BRUSH MIDI BRUSH ($8.99)– finally! Something I’m excited about! I absolutely love WET BRUSHES but the one I got from POPSUGAR last year is starting to lose bristles. I don’t know what it is that’s makes these brushes so great but they easily get all the tangles out of my long thick hair with much breakage. This is the only brush that I’d ever use on wet hair. 

GARNIER WHOLE BLENDS REPAIRING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER  ($1)– and yet another thing that I’ll never use. ALLURE comes with a little booklet describing all the items and these two weren’t included, leading me to believe that they’re bonus items. So whatever. Two more things that will in my hall closet until I eventually throw them away sometime in 2018.
ALLURE is $15 a month and this month’s value is over $100. This sounds great in theory but since I won’t use the $53 item, the value is significantly decreased. I’m very disappointed in this box. In general ALLURE is very hit or miss for me. This is my 5th month and I’ve loved 3 boxes and hated 2. I’m going to give them one more month but if September sucks, I’m cancelling. If you’d like to sign up despite my lackluster review, you can do so here and save $5 off of the September box.

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