Before I get started on the review I wanted to let you know that @strobecosmetics gave us a discount code! The code is: TANNER and it will save you 20% at checkout! This is not an affiliate code and it is permanent. Now let’s get down to business!

Since I’ve got a ton of products to go through I’ll touch on a few different things in each post in addition to describing the colors. So let’s start with the basic info first. STROBE has been around a long time by indie standards, they’ve been in business since 2010. The whole line is of course cruelty free but also vegan, paraben free and talc free. The eyeshadows are $6.50. They also offer a bundle, all 36 pans for $160 ($128 with the code, which works out to $3.5 a piece) The pans are larger than usual. They have 2.5g of product, which is about .9oz. For comparison a standard pan is 1.5g and a SUGARPILL pan is 3.5g. So STROBE is right in the middle.
BEARDED LADY is a dark brown. To me it looks a little plummy in some light. I’d say the finish is satin.

ROOM 64 is light bronze with neutral undertones. 

SOLAR FLARE is an interesting color. I’d describe it as in between orange and rose gold with a metallic finish.

ADDICTION DEMON is gorgeous rusty burgundy. It almost has a subtle duochrome effect. If you look at the swatch, you can see that there’s a bit of a dark brown shift. 

CEASEFIRE is a bright orangey copper metallic.

FELICITY is a light peachy gold metallic.
I’ll talk more about the brand and the formula in later posts. I think we’ve covered enough info for one day! My favorites from this group are SOLAR FLARE, ADDICTION DEMON and FELICITY.

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