So I know that most of you guys wanted to see the MEADOW PALETTE swatches first… don’t worry. They’re done, I just have to edit them. The reason I wanted to post this one first is because @makeupaddictioncosmetics has a special offer going on from now until the 12th (the day this palette is officially released), 15% off the palette with code: VIPHOLY1 

Before I get into the review I wanted to clarify how the exchange rate works because I always get asked how much the prices are in dollars. The exchange rate fluctuates slightly but 1 pound equals approximately 1.30 US dollars. So you’ll take 19 × 1.3 and get 24.7. So the palette is roughly $25. With the 15% off its about $21. I believe the shipping varies depending on how much you spend but I think it’s around $10 to ship to the US. Also keep in mind that some credit cards and banks charge a foreign transaction fee. The few times that I’ve ordered from overseas, I’ve combined my order with the wifey’s so we can split the shipping. Phew!
Okay the palette! It’s same cardboard packaging as the eyeshadow palettes with the same size removable magnetic pans (3.5g, .12oz). No mirror tho. But unlike the eyeshadows, these are PARABEN FREE which I know is a concern for some. Although the formulas are different the texture of the highlighters is pretty similar to the shadows. Very dense and creamy. My personal favorite is SUN KISSED, which is light bronzey gold. I think LOOXI CREME DE LA CREME is similar. WHITE DIAMOND is pearly white, comparable to BECCA PEARL in color. PINK CHAMPAGNE is a bright peachy pink with gold shimmer. On my fair skin it looks more tangerine but on deeper skin it looks more pink. I think LOOXI VALLEY GIRL is similar. GOLDEN BEAM is pearl with gold shimmer. 

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