Alright guys, let take a closer look at 5 out of the 10 new shadows from @juviasplace. In yesterday’s post I gave you all the basic details about pricing, formula, ingredients etc. So reference that post if you have any questions pertaining to those things. Today I’m going to give a little description of each shade as well as my thoughts. Another frequently asked question is whether or not these shades are the same as any of those in the NUBIAN PALETTES. The answer is no. Honestly there’s none that are even really close. These 5 shades in particular are in the same color family as NUBIAN 1 but there aren’t any repeats or anything that I’d consider to be a near dupe.
LALA is warm bronzey gold with a metallic finish. I’d compare it to maybe MAC HONEY LUST.
NIA is dark metallic bronze. I’m not sure what to compare it to. It’s darker than MAC TWINKS. The closest thing I can think of off the top of my head is UD DARK HORSE. But I think NIA might be warmer.
CASABLANCA has the type of finish as YAA from NUBIAN 2 or MUG FLAMETHROWER. It’s foiled finish metallic with glitter. It’s a coppery gold color along the lines of MAC AMBER LIGHTS.
KEMET also has a metallic finish. It’s a very light champagne with gold reflects. Think KVD THUNDERSTRUCK

ETHIOPIA is warm red brown. I thought there would be something similar in NUBIAN 1 but there really isn’t. This color is comparable to MAC BROWN SCRIPT, MUG COCOA BEAR ETC.
I can’t really pick favorites are say that certain colors are must haves because I like all of them. They coordinate perfectly with each other. I think I see my next eye look right here!

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