You guys. I’m in love. This palette satisfies me on every level. Emotional, physically, spiritually, sexually. Too far? Okay let’s talk deets. 14 shades. They say 11 mattes and 3 metallics but I’d argue that 3 of the mattes are really satin. Each of the pans is .02oz. In previous palettes they were .025oz. The texture of these shadows seems slightly different than previous palettes. 1st let me say that these were the easiest swatches that I’ve done. Each row took less than 5 minutes. The swatches are done on bare skin, one swipe of an eyeshadow brush. These babies are pigmented!!! However they’re on the powdery side so tap off your brush to minimize fall out. On to zee colors!
TOP ROW: I consider TEMPERA and GOLDEN OCHRE to be more satin than matte. They both have a hint of sheen. TEMPERA is creamy beige. GOLDEN OCHRE is yellowish sand. VERMEER is a metallic champagne. BUON  FRESCO is a pre-existing shade, a dusty mauve. ANTIQUE BRONZE is a metallic reddish bronze. LOVE LETTER is deep matte raspberry. It’s darker and not as bright as WINE AND DINE from the VIOLET VOSS palette. And I already know you’re going to ask about the red in the Manny palette. I don’t have it. But the wifey does so let’s just get this out of the way (@colourpopcult LOVE LETTER? MARS? Same color? Confirm or deny?). CYPRUS UMBER is dark matte brown. Not too warm, not too cool.
BOTTOM ROW: RAW SIENNA and BURNT ORANGE (pre-existing) are fairly similar. RAW SIENNA is darker and more brown. PRIMAVERA is a light metallic gold. RED OCHRE is a deep brick red. VENETIAN RED is 3rd color that I’d consider to be satin finish. It’s lighter and more red than LOVE LETTER. WARM TAUPE is the 3rd repeat. It’s exactly what it’s name suggests. REALGAR is a matte rust shade.
These matte red colors rock my effen world. All around gorgeous palette and the color pay off is just stupid.
Next week I’ll start doing comparisons with some of these shades. I still have 2 other palettes to swatch as well as some new highlighters. So much makeup, so little time!


  1. I want this palette so, so, so badly!!! I don’t know how or why I never bought it. I’m assuming that it’s no longer available since it was LE. If anyone has an extra and wants to unload it, let me know!!! I’m too afraid of getting ripped off to buy it of eBay. This will always be the one that got away… *sigh*


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