I started working on a big ass highlighter swatch off a few months ago and kinda abandoned it. Here’s to 2nd trys! 
* JEFFREE STAR ‘PEACH GODDESS’ ($28) is a lot more pink in comparison to the others. I probably have other pink highlighters that are closer but I figured people would ask if I didn’t include it with the peaches. The formula of this highlighter most closely reminds me of the MUG FOILED EYESHADOWS. 
* DEVINAH COSMETICS ‘FLEUR’ ($12- $20) is available in 3 different sizes and is priced accordingly. As of now her highlighters are only sold in pan form so you would need a magnetic palette for storage. FLEUR is a peachy pink, similar to PEACH GODDESS in color but more peach. It’s very shimmery and pretty as a blush topper as well.
 * OPV ‘GOLD DIGGER’ (£17.99 ~$24)- the price might fluctuate a bit depending on the exchange rate and you also have to keep in mind the extra cost of shipping from the UK to the US. GOLD DIGGER is highly reflective and more orange than the first two. The texture of the OPV highlighters is actually quite similar to the JS highlighters. 
*BECCA COSMETICS ‘ROSE GOLD’ ($38)- I only have this one in the the AFTERGLOW PALETTE so I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same as the individual version. It’s a coppery peach color and it’s more luminous than shimmery. It’s fairly dark so pale girls might get better use out of it as a blush topper. 
*ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS ‘PEACH NECTAR’ ($28) has a very finely milled formula. It’s an apricot color with tons gold and pink shimmer. 

I find that highlighter formulas are highly subjective. How they preform can vary greatly from person to person depending on skin type and age. I can’t really even say what my favorite is because it changes seasonally since my skin gets dry in the winter.  I know you all are really wanting to see MOONCHILD dupes so I promise I’ll pick a color from that palette to do next!

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