Next up! @makeupaddictioncosmetics third eyeshadow palette called ‘MEADOW’. I can see the nature inspiration in the color selection. It’s a thin cardboard design with a large mirror and removable magnetic pans, same as the last two. One thing I really appreciate about this brand is that they put the shadow names on the back of the pans. Lots of companies don’t and it drives me crazy when I reorganize my Z palettes and have no idea what’s what. 

The palette has 3 mattes and 5 metallics. I like all the colors individually but as a group they don’t feel very cohesive to me. Another thing I noticed is that while there are no dupes, there’s a few colors that are a bit similar to some of their other shadows. But they’re different enough that all of us makeup girls can still easily justify having all 3.
Top row: this photo really isn’t doing SANDSTONE justice. It’s absolutely stunning. It’s a pale champagne color with gold iridescence and subtle pink shift. SWEET PEACH is light orangey brown. The texture is perfect. Very creamy and applies smoothly without any skipping. I like it because it will work on lots of skin tones. Someone with fair skin can use a large brush and a light hand for a beautiful transition and it’s buildable for everyone else. DUSK is brick red matte. I found the texture to be drier than most MUAC mattes. My swatch looks kinda patchy. I’m sure it would perform better over a primer. The color pay off was still good but it didn’t have the creamy texture that I’ve grown to expect from this brand. SLATE GREEN is the show stopper of the bunch. It’s a steely blue with gold duochrome which gives it a green appearance.
Bottom row: BRONZED LEAF is probably my favorite. I love the bronzey gold color but the texture is impeccable. It just melts into the skin. PINK BLOSSOM is a medium cool toned pink. It reminds me of their VALENTINE PIGMENT. POISON IVY is grass green with gold shimmer, along the lines of MUG JESTER. CRUSHED BLUEBERRY is a navy matte. I expected it to be patchy because it’s a tricky color but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a tiny bit dry but arguably one of the best navy blue matte shadows that I’ve tried. 
All and all I like this palette and I would recommend it. However I like the first two better because those colors are more appealing to me.

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