Since my arms are short, I’ve got to divide these swatches into 2 parts. 
MAC LAST DANCE ($18 .05oz, $16 at MACY’S)- this one is the palest pink of the group. It has gold, lilac and pink glitter and a peachy gold shift. Out of these four MAC is the only one that IS NOT CRUELTY FREE.
NARS OUTER LIMITS ($25 .07oz)- is light peach with gold, lilac and pink glitter. It’s more orange in comparison to the others.
PEACHES MAKEUP LUXE (£6.95)- this a company based in Liverpool. I couldn’t find any product weight info for this product. If you convert pounds to dollars, the price is a little over $9. But you also have to account for shipping costs. It’s a loose pinky apricot glitter pigment. It’s most similar to LAST DANCE but a bit darker.
INGLOT BODY SPARKLE 68 ($16 035oz)- this is also a loose glitter pigment. The texture is similar to LUXE. It’s a pinky copper with red, gold and copper reflects. The duochrome shift is the most dramatic in this one.

URBAN DECAY SPECTER ($49 for the moondust palette, .02oz)- in comparison to the other 3 swatches this one is a much paler and more cool toned pink. The downside is that it’s not sold individually and it’s a very small pan.
TOM FORD SPHINX ($45, .17oz)- this one is basically the exact same color as SHUFFLE THE CARDS but a cream formula. I love using it as a base but it’s ridiculously overpriced.
TOPSHOP SHUFFLE THE CARDS ($12, .85oz)- I don’t know why this shadow isn’t more popular. Except that it’s out of stock a lot. It has a pinky base similar to OUTER LIMITS but it’s different because of it’s strong gold shift and red reflects.
CIATE LONDON WASHINGTON AVE ($28, .03oz)- this one is also nearly the same color as SHUFFLE THE CARDS but it’s a loose pigment not a pressed shadow. It also comes with a cream primer but I don’t really care for it. The primer I mean. I like the pigment.

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