#4 of my sale palette series! Proceeded by UD GWEN and SMOKY and TARTE ENERGY NOIR. I wasn’t crazy about the first 3 so I decided to do this one next since I actually like it! There’s 2 of these TARTE ‘DOUBLE DUTY’ palettes both with the same concept and design, both ULTA EXCLUSIVE. ‘CLASSIC COURAGE’ is warm toned and ‘STAR POWER’ is more cool. A few weeks ago ULTA had a one day PLATINUM PERK where these palettes were on sale for $19. I had no interest in either of them prior to that but (in keeping with the theme) they were on sale, so I bought them. 

Each palette has 5 shadows (.035oz), 1 blush (.19oz), a decent mirror and a motivation quote on the outside. 

CLASSIC COURAGE has a shiny gold faux leather exterior and says ‘She dreamed, she believed & she succeeded’. It has 2 matte shadows, 3 shimmers and a matte blush. I really like both the color selection and the formula of all of them. TARTE eyeshadows tend to be hit or miss for me. And I think finally figured out why since I’ve been swatching a lot of their palettes recently. For some reason their shadows, mattes in particular, have a tendency to oxidize on me. It’s not as obvious when I’m wearing them on my eyes but as I was doing swatches (not this palette), I could really notice the darkening of some the colors. This happens when the inorganic mineral pigments found in cosmetics (titanium dioxide, zinc oxides etc) are exposed to oxygen. Oxidation increases over time. Another reason why makeup has an expiration. Everyone’s body chemistry is different so you won’t necessarily have the same issues as myself. Also I’m not an esthetician and I’m sure af not a chemist. So I’m definitely simplifying this explanation or possibly not explaining it right at all. But something about TARTE’S mattes and my body chemistry doesn’t mesh well and within 10 minutes of application the colors start changing
Okay so back to the matter at hand. Let’s talk colors!
RISE & SHINE- matte off white. Very similar to my skin tone in color. Very texture is a little powdery in the pan but it applies nicely and has decent color pay off.
LUCKY PENNY- rosy bronze with copper notes. It has a metallic finish and a rich creamy texture and excellent color pay off.
TRAILBLAZER- medium dark warm brown with red undertones. Very easy work with. It applies and blends flawlessly and isn’t at all patchy 
ROSY OUTLOOK- shimmery peachy pink. This one is also a little powdery side. It still applies nicely and adheres well to the skin. But there’s a good bit of shadow kick up. 
SMILE ON- deep metallic bronze. Just like all the rest, SMILE ON has a dense creamy texture, great color pay off and is easy to work with. 
COURAGE- matte pinky nude. I quite like this blush too. It’s what you’d expect from a TARTE blush. Finely miled, soft and pigmented. But not so pigmented that you’ll like a clown if you aren’t careful. 

I really like this palette. The formula is consistently good across the board and all of the colors appeal to me. And the pinks and browns complement each other very well. There’s nothing especially unique about this palette, these are colors we’ve seen before. But you could create a variety of evening and day time appropriate looks using only this palette. And I’ve reached for this palette specifically for the blush and the matte brown more than once while doing my makeup. So for $19, I’m not mad at it.

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