Part #3 of my ‘I’m a sucker and I’ll buy anything if it’s on sale’ series. I still can’t believe I bought this damn thing. I had no intention of ever buying it because I’m not attracted to these colors. I like the warmer shades but the blues and grays do nothing for me. But it was 50% off and ULTA had 5x points and I’m weak and spineless. Moving on.
I ended up using a primer for the bottom row of swatches because they needed it. I often get asked whether I use a primer when I do swatches and the answer is sometimes. I take it by a case to case basis. I normally don’t, mainly because I’m lazy. But when I do swatches, I want you to be able see the colors and I think we all use a primer IRL. There’s no specific primer that I use for swatches. Whatever’s nearby and cheap. I never use my ‘good’ primers. 

So you can probably tell I’m not crazy about this palette. The number 1 reason why, is that I just don’t love most of the colors. That’s a complete bias but reviews are objective. These colors are going to look great on brown eyed girls but they don’t flatter me personally. The 2nd reason I don’t like it is because the colors aren’t very unique. Many of the colors remind me of NAKED 1 and other UD palettes (HIGH=SIN, DIRTY SWEET=HALF BAKED, RADAR=SNAKEBITE, SLANTED=GUNMETAL, DAGGER=CREEP, COMBUST=LACED etc). I’m not saying that these are exact dupes just that there’s similarities. And I also found about half of the colors, mainly the bottom row, to be patchy.
The pluses for me are the sturdy, efficient packaging and the decent brush. I also really like the 1st three colors as well as SMOLDER and COMBUST.
So what do you guys think of this palette? It’s my least favorite out of the NAKED PALETTES (I’m only missing BASICS 2) but I don’t hate it. It’s going to become a work palette because I occasionally get requests for a ‘classic smoky eye’ and my collection was lacking some of these shades. I’ve got about 5 more palettes in this little series plus a bunch of new stuff. It’s going to be a busy swatch week!

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