JUVIA’S PLACE SINGLE SHADOWS AND MAGNETIC PALETTE ($55)- Last month JUVIA’S PLACE released 10 brand new individually sold eyeshadows and large magnetic palette. You can buy them HERE as a bundle for $55. Or you can buy them separately. The palette retails for $20 and the eyeshadows are $5 each. ENTER THE CODE: TANNER10 AT CHECKOUT TO SAVE AN ADDITIONAL 10%! You can check out our swatches and reviews, if you’d like more information about these shadows.

WAYNE GOSS AIR BRUSH  ($35)- this is LIMITED EDITION brush made from blue squirrel hair. I’ve never seen a blue squirrel before but I imagine that they’re incredibly majestic and beautiful. But I’ll tell you one thing for sure, this brush is one the softest that you’ll ever touch. $35 is a very reasonable price for a brush of this quality. I’ve been using it for everything imaginable. Blush, bronzer, highlighter, setting powder… the whole shebang!

BECCA COSMETICS × JACLYN HILL AMARETTO AND PROSECCO POP DUO ($38)– another LE item! PROSECCO POP is more of a yellow gold compared to her original CHAMPAGNE POP (peachy gold) but my favorite part of the duo is definitely the blush! AMARETTO is a warm matte almond shade that could double as a bronzer on fair skin. The color is similar to WILD HONEY from BECCA’S permanent line.

MAYBELLINE FIT ME CONCEALER ($6.99)– so I know I’m several years late to the game here but this concealer is everything. I’ve only recently began to discover the wide world of drugstore cosmetics and wow! It sure has changed since my high school days. I’ll never pay $28 for URBAN DECAY NAKED SKIN CONCEALER ever again.

AMBROSIA COSMETICS EYESHADOW PRIMER ($12)- AMBROSIA COSMETICS is a Caribbean based company that has recently started selling their products in America. This primer is white and very tacky. I use it before applying my inner corner highlight or lid color when I really want it to pop.

BABY FEET EXFOLIATING FOOT PEEL ($16)– I buy these weird things from AMAZON. Make sure you get the BABY FEET kind because I’ve tried the cheaper knock offs and they aren’t as good. In case you’re not familiar, these are little booties with a bunch of different extracts that you wear for about an hour. Afterwards you throw them away and rinse your feet. Then you patiently wait for 5 to 7 days. Just when you think that nothing is going to happen and you got a dud…. BAM! All your gross dead skin starts peeling off in giant strips! It’s so gross yet so fun. At least if you’re a weirdo like me. The peeling process takes about 2 weeks during which you’re not supposed to pick at it. But of course I do. Bonus points if you send disgusting pics to your friends and family. Once the process is over you’ll have the smoothest feet imaginable. I use them about 3× a year.

URBAN DECAY MOONDUST SHADOWS  ($20)– URBAN DECAY has a full line of these MOONDUST shadows which are similar to the MAC DAZZLESHADOWS or the MAC PRESSED PIGMENTS. About 12 of these are sold exclusively on their website. I recently got 3 of them. Out of those 3 HORIZON is hands down my favorite. It’s described as rose gold but it’s more like a plummy bronze with pink and gold glitter

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