Maya Chia Beauty Super Couple Luxe Face Oil

@mayachiabeauty Super Couple Ultra Luxe face oil – THOUGHTS: In this age of beauty oils popping everywhere – I was in the search for one that catered to my sensitive skin. Now when I say sensitive I mean: my face burns with certain products, usually chemical heavy products that could work for the regular person – on my skin turn into a burning redness getitoffmahface situation. So I have found myself researching more towards organic beauty products and since a lot of you suffer from the same, I figured I shared. I have already found a line I love and I reviewed It a few posts back but I did want a face oil to complement my existing routine that was rich in antiaging elements because baby: hitting my 30’s puts things into perspective and I want my old age to be pretty. I tried this for a month, and where its too soon to make a 180 or perhaps completely eliminate the lines under my eyes that were caused by my last decade of poor sleeping habits but I did notice the texture of that area of my face become smoother softer.. It’s meant to revitalize aging skin, prevent and reduce the size of wrinkles, help with firmness, brightening and of course moisturizing – I have found myself using it a lot of different ways: I use it after washing and toning my skin in the evenings, the drops are thick enough that you don’t need a lot but amazingly so: my face absorbed them the second I applied it the first time. I add it to my weekly masks, I put it on my lips for a treatment for my lip swatching pout, it has jasmine and rose and you can pick up whiffs of the scent as you apply it which makes the whole experience a sensory therapy.  After a month of use my skin feels calmer, less tight from the dryness and environmental elements, glowy on its own which has made me appreciate it and leave it bare more often. I have a few spots on my face where I get really red and certain oils aggravate it – this did not affect my skin but left it rich and nourished, it became a thing to search for the scent notes on it. Note: the scent is not strong at all! Its balanced enough that you enjoy its application without the annoyance of a leafy botanical smell (I don’t mind these usually but some people don’t like to smell like a witch doctor and I understand). I liked it, will repurchase and im looking at other @mayachiabeauty products like the waterless balm… this organic beauty thing is really a thing now right!? As always: 100% Natural *paraben free *pthalate free *cruelty free *artificial color free. SAVE 10%OFF WITH CODE COLOURPOPCULT

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