Before I start the review, I need to tell you that when I was typing these names I felt like I was being transported into an old school lucky charms commercial. Anyone know what I’m talking about? No? Okay, moving on.
This is the first ABH GLOW KIT to have 6 pans instead of 4. Each pan is .15oz (compared to .26oz in the others). So you’re getting a little less product but not much (.9oz vs 1oz). Also these pans aren’t removable like the previous ones were. The formula is similar to the other GLOW KITS.
If I were to look at this set of swatches, not knowing what they were, I’d think that it was either eyeshadows or pigments not highlighters. Now granted these are heavy swatches done with a flat eyeshadow brush and they aren’t going to look this intense when applied normally but still… Out of these 6 colors, personally I would only use BLUE ICE, PINK HEART and LUCKY CLOVER as a highlighter. But that’s just me. They’re all iridescent and sheer (but buildable) so I can see how they would work for someone else, who isn’t scared of bold blue highlight. That being said, I plan to use all of these colors on my eyes. 

BLUE ICE is a glittery white with blue and purple iridescence. STAR is a metallic bluish silver with a bit of mint green shift. PURPLE HORSESHOE is a glittery purple with a strong blue shift. PINK HEART is white with pink opalescent and peachy reflects. I think it’s more warm than the PAT MCGRATH NUDE SKIN FETISH. Think PAT MCGRATH mixed with MUG PEACHLESS. LUCKY CLOVER has a pinky white base with green and gold iridescence. BLUE MOON is a silvery blue with a pink shift.
I think that it’s a beautiful palette that I’m going to use all time but it’s going to end on my eyes a lot more frequently than my face. These colors are definitely dupeable. I’ve got multiple dupes in mind for most of them already. A few are highlighters but most are eyeshadows or pigments. But all things considered, I really like every one of these colors and I know that I’ll use them in some capacity.
So what do you think? Would you rock PURPLE HORSESHOE or BLUE MOON as a highlight??

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