So I realize this palette came out like a year ago but better late than never, I suppose. I’ve experienced a complex cycle of emotions regarding this palette. When we saw the first teaser which was the packaging (it’s bomb), I was definitely going to get it without even seeing the inside. I love Gwen Stefani and almost all UD products. Then we started seeing pics of inside and a few swatches of the bright colors. I was still all in. But when eventually the whole palette was revealed, I got cold feet. It seemed kinda… beige. If you don’t know how I feel about beige, refer to my LORAC PRO 3 review. I ended up deciding to pass because it seemed like a bunch of neutrals that basically looked the same and a few random pops of color that didn’t really make sense together. But alas all these months later, it went on sale for $25 and I’m now the proud owner of the UD GWEN palette. I’ll buy pretty much anything if it’s on sale.
I’ve still got mixed feelings about it. The quality is on point, what you’d except from URBAN DECAY. Some of their LE palettes have been a little sketchy but this one is truly very nice. Especially the mattes. Very creamy and pigmented and not at all powdery. And the shimmers are really good too. The only problem is that my initial thoughts about the color selection remain the same. I love a good neutral palette but I wish there was some more variation. The two matte browns are quite similar. And does one palette really need 6 light champagney type shades? And the bright blue, gold and pink still don’t make sense to me in relation to each other. 

But on the plus side (for some of us), this palette has everything you need for a complete look… assuming you have a light to medium skin tone. All and all I’m happy with this palette and I’m glad that I got it because the quality of the shadows and the package are excellent. And $25… So who else got suckered in by the sale? I can’t be the only one, right?

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