POPSUGAR is always my favorite box (and the most expensive). I like because you get a variety of products not just beauty. And anything I won’t use is easily regifted.

❤SACHAJUAN HAIR IN THE SUN ($32)- this is a styling product designed to protect hair color from UV rays. My hair is dyed a shade of red not found in nature so I’ll definitely use this. Assuming that I ever go out in the sun.

❤HOUSE OF POM EMOJI COCKTAIL NAPKINS  ($25)- little known fact- I despise emojis. I’m a big fan of ‘using your words’. So it’s ironic that I now own emoji napkins.

❤MICHAEL STARS SKINNY SCARF IN WHITE ($30)- I friggin LOVE this scarf. I want it in every color. The reason I like it so much is because it’s skinny and can be used as a head scarf (to camouflage unwashed hair). I’ve been wearing it non-stop.

❤PINTRILL PINEAPPLE PIN  ($12)- I don’t feel like pins are an acceptable accessory unless you’re a school teacher or over 50 (I apologize if I’ve offended any avid pin wearers). Since I’m neither, I have no use for this. Looks like a gift for the mother in law.

❤SUNNYLIFE SWAN INFLATABLE DRINK HOLDER ($18)- we don’t have a pool but my in laws do. Regift #2!

❤EUROPEAN WAX CENTER BROW HIGHLIGHTER IN PEARL ($19)- I’m loving this brow highlight too! It’s a pearl finish but it’s not too shimmery, more like a satin finish.

❤JOE CHIPS  ($1.49)- meh. I’m fat enough thank you very much. And I don’t like chips enough to waste calories on them. The husband will eat them eventually.

❤TROVE GIFT CARD  ($20)- TROVE is an online jewelry company. I’m not a big wearer of jewelry so I’ll be giving this away.
POPSUGAR is $39 a month and this month’s value is… $157! Not a bad return if you ask me. Out of the 8 items, I’ll use 3 and use the others for gifts. But I love the scarf and the brow highlight so much that it makes up for the things I won’t use. 

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP and use the code MUSTHAVE5 to say $5 off of your first box!

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